My ever changing style...

First off- I fail at this blog thing. I mean I try. I tell myself, I need to get on and blog. Then I say BUT the kids are yelling and destroying the house and I can do this and that. So Today, I ignoring all of that, and I am writing. Writing serves as a wonderful creative outlet for me, that I don't tap into as much as I should. 

When I first started taking pictures many many many moons ago, I was 11 years old. I would have my fellow cousins or friends hold blankets up and then pose my sister (or any baby I babysat) in front and took pictures with my mom's 35mm film, because lets me be real, my only model was Walmart Photography, you know when it came into our very little town every so many months, before we gained a super Walmart. 

When I finally bought a DSLR, I took similar type pictures as well as other various things of my children. But I was a baby. I wanted to make it work, but I was learning. 

Even today, I am learning. Everybody learns. Every single day. The other day, I learned a new technique in Lightroom (Editing program). Where I was a year ago, to today, has been huge leaps and bounds. Over the past year, I have read and read and practiced and practiced more to better my technique. I have joined groups in order to feed my knowledge hungry self.

Just a couple years ago, I edited bright and airy and happy and bright. (LOL Yes, I needed two brights there). Today, though, I edit a little darker and moodier. I don't know where I changed or why I changed, but I started liking the darker edits. Not saying I don't like my bright and airy edits, because there is definitely a time and place for them. I am getting older as ya know everyone does everyday, and I wonder if that has influenced my change in perspective. 

Either way, I am changing, I am learning, and I will never stop that. 

Ya know what else I am changing, my style. I use to only do portraits with a background and all posed. But it didn't work (isn't/wasn't) for me. I felt awkward posing people. I felt awkward demanding people older than me to do something. I have recently starting doing more lifestyle sessions, such as births. I finally found something that clicked with me. It hit me that is what I love. I love non-posed sessions. 

Recently I have done some couples session following the Show Me Your You unposing guide, and have fell in love. Not just because the pictures turn out amazing, but I watch these couples relive some of their relationship again, I watch their love unfold. That is what photography is about, capturing those moments. Here are some highlights from some of those sessions.



Thank you for viewing. Until next time!

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