Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography


I last talked about why birth photography, now I am gonna talk about some of those questions that tend to come with it. When people think about birth they think about the messy, the pain, the yelling. They aren't thinking about the sweetness that birth really is. As humans, we tend to think about the negative more than we do the positive, it just our nature, unless we work hard at       rewiring our thought process. 

Thinking about birth  what comes to your mind? Is it the blood, or the way you yelled at your spouse? Or the awful pain that comes with it? That is all the labor, that is the hard work that comes with giving birth. But AFTER birth, that is magical. Everyone's oxytocin levels are naturally high, the bond between newborn and parents have started. The way your little one gazes up at you like wow, this is the mama that has fed me for 9-10 months. The way you gaze at your little one in awe that you have created this amazing squishy baby. Those are the moments of birth, you want to remember. That's what birth is about. Reaching that end goal of holding your squishy newborn. Having a birth photographer there, means they capture those moments, they capture the way you and your significant other stare at your newest creation. 

Soooo You are thinking about hiring a birth photographer but you have a bunch of questions...

I think I covered WHY you should hire one above and in the last blog. :) 

Will you be taking pictures below the waist?

 During this birth, I was at moms head the entire time. 

During this birth, I was at moms head the entire time. 

This really depends upon you. If you want me to, I can. If you don't want me to, I won't. Where I stand depends upon you and your comfort level. If I do catch those moments, they will be for your eyes only. If you would like crowning pictures, I can do that as well. We go over this in detail at our consultation. Most mamas like to have some, while others prefer none. 

When should you book?

As soon as you can. I only schedule 3-5 births PER MONTH, based upon due dates. This ensures I make it to your birth as well as having time to edit your gallery. The quicker you book, this ensures that you will be on the schedule. However, if you wait until the end to book, availability may still be there. It isn't guaranteed that I will completely book up a month. If I do, I have another fabulous birth photographer I will refer you too. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. This will depend upon when you book, and how much you are able to put down. Contact me for more details.

Do you do Caesarean births?

YES. A birth is a birth. If it is a planned C-section, you will need to make sure I have the okay to go into the operation room to take pictures. This would be your responsibility to talk with your providers. 

What if I end up with a C-section?

Whether, it is emergency or not, it is your responsibility to talk with your providers. This is a good question to ask your doctor in the beginning appointments. If, you have an emergency c-section, and I am not allowed in the room, I will hand my backup camera to your support person to take pictures. I will resume taking pictures after you and baby are in recovery. 

How long will you be after birth?

Up to 2 hours. I will be there to document them the stats on your baby, to get the first moments. Timing will depend upon whats happening and how quick things happen. Sometimes some babies go straight to moms chest for hours before doing any weights. Sometimes the baby goes straight to the scales and then moms chest. This will depend upon your birth plan.

 Nurse at Lake Ozark Regional measuring a newborn. 

Nurse at Lake Ozark Regional measuring a newborn. 


What happens if the birth is long?

I will be there for you. Sometimes the longest part of labor is getting to 5-6 centimeters. I try to time to come around this time, and stay until birth. This may be 30 minutes or it could be 12 hours or more. I don't set time limits. 

Will you use flash?

Yes and no. I use a bounced flash, which is very light and usually not so noticeable. I also take some pictures without flash. This will depend upon the lighting situation. If the room is dark, not using flash may result in grainy pictures. When I have used flash, both mamas have said they didn't notice or it didn't even both them.

 Birth space using bounced flash. 

Birth space using bounced flash. 

 Same birth as above, however, no flash was used. 

Same birth as above, however, no flash was used. 

What happens if you miss the birth?

This is something we discuss during our consultation. It is super important to keep me updated during your labor. As it may take me an hour or longer (depending upon where you are delivering) to get to you. If I miss the birth, I am still coming as soon as possible. I will still document everything that I can. Depending upon, your preference, I will do a full fresh 48 session, or a full lifestyle newborn session. Unfortunately, I do not refund for missed births. 

What if you can't make it?

While it is super important for me to make it, as I am on call and such. Things do happen that are out of my control, such as getting sick. If I am unable to attend, I have a backup photographer that will attend. She is amazing, she is also a birth photographer, her style is aligned with mine, and she will make you happy. 

What if something goes wrong during the birth?

I will still document the birth. Depending upon the situation, will depend upon how I deliver the gallery. When something traumatic happens during birth, having photos can help you process and heal.  If you have more concerns about this, we can discuss this more. 

Are you going to post my pictures on the internet?

The longer answer is this is going to depend. Most parents don't mind them being posted. IF you don't want any of them posted, please make sure to discuss this with me. Depending upon your comfort level, will depend upon the type of photos I will share. Birth is an absolutely beautiful thing; however, it is also very intimate, and some people would rather not have breast feeding or crowning shots on the internet. We go over this in person as well. I want to make sure you are comfortable. If I have a questionable picture I want to post, I will ask you first. When it comes to video, depending upon what I capture, there may be two videos. This will again depend upon your comfort level. 

How far will you travel?

I will travel up to 40-60 miles. This will depend upon your location, and the circumstances. Right now, I currently serve Phelps County Regional Medical Center, Lebanon Mercy, Lake Ozark Regional hospital, and Fort Leonard Wood Hospitals. If you are having a homebirth, this will depend how far you are from me. 


If you have any questions that I didn't cover, feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook, or an email. 

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