Valuing myself and my family and photography.

Over the recent months, I have increased my prices for my sessions. This wasn't because I was some super money hungry person. There was purpose, there was reason: Value. 

Years ago, before cell phones and DSLR were easily obtained, more people valued photography and photographers. Over the years, every one is looking to pinch pennies, and get the best for their buck. I understand 100%, as a mom of 6, I feel you. As a mom of 6- I also have mouths to feed as well as other expenses that come with raising children. As much as I would love to give everyone a stellar deal, and amazing photographs. My time is important, when I spend an hour taking pictures and then 2 hours editing and delivering pictures, that is time away from my children. 

                          I deserve to be valued. 

I value myself and my photography. I don't just take pictures and that is it. I spend hours editing them. I spend time before sessions prepping. I spend time driving to and from session destinations. I value you and your family. 

       Value Photography. 

As photographers, we tend to look at others as inspiration, as well as (unfortunately) competition. We lower our prices to bring in the business, and eventually the prices are so low- we are pretty much doing it for free. When we do this, we hurt each other. Over the course of the past year, my perspective on this changed- for the better. I don't look at my fellow photographers as competition, but as partners, as colleagues. I am not worrying about what they are doing, I am staying in my own lane cheering them on.

                                                  Value Yourself.

That also means- my prices HAD to rise. They NEEDED to rise. When you look outside of this area, session prices are way higher than the average price in central Missouri.  When you break down the cost of business for a photographer, you would be surprised, how less they are making than you think. They aren't out there to get rich, we are out here to make a living. To support our families, to be able to care for our babies, to give you beautiful memories to hold to... 

                                                It's an investment.  

Getting a portrait session is an investment. You should spend good money on it. If it takes saving up for a couple months to get gorgeous pictures, it will be worth it. Trust me, you want to save up and get your monies worth. Even if you don't hire me, I can direct you to another photographer that has a different style but amazing portraitures- I know a handful. ;)

Please know, my recent price increases had to happen for the survival of my business. And if you value me and what I do- you will completely understand. As I completely understand, if you have to go with another photographer. 


 Grandma admiring her grandson at a recent birth. 

Grandma admiring her grandson at a recent birth.