The beautiful birth of Baby A.

What would make a great first blog post? The beautiful birth story of baby A. 

When my very dear friend and cousin first told me she was pregnant, I knew her ultimate delivery would be a home birth. We had talked about it so many times before and I knew that based on the deliveries of her previous children, she wanted a different experience. I also knew that she would research everything about birth in preparation to go unassisted. Of course, I immediately told her I'd love to be there to take pictures if she'd have me. At first, she was totally okay with me at the house but wasn't sure about the delivery and pictures. 

By the end of her pregnancy, she had decided for me to be in the room and get as many pictures and videos as I could. I was so much more than that though, I also was someone she could lean on for pregnancy support. Her due date came and passed and we anxiously awaited for the little one to decide it was time. 

This is my version; hopefully, I will add her version soon. 

A texted me that morning and told me she thought today may be it but she wasn't sure because contractions were steady but not super strong or getting closer, she asked me to bring over some breast pump tubing to pump to try and encourage them to steady up. When I stopped by and ran in, I could tell today was the day. Her face was flush, and I just knew. I went and dropped off my toddler at a sitters house for the day and went back over to her, to see if we could get these contractions to get a bit stronger. 


We sat and chatted for a while, and I told her to do some lift and tucks with each contraction. I started to time them to see how far they really were. She kept feeling like they were super far apart, but they were really 8-10 minutes apart with every few changing to 5 minutes. We went ahead and talked about me checking her and possibly stripping membranes. (Remember we are super good friends and cousins, and I've had 6 kids). Upon that check, I found she was approximately 6ish cm. (Rather, I couldn't spread my fingers anymore). I told her I thought she should go ahead and get her mom on the way, as she had to drive over 3 hours. She went ahead and called her doula-friend as well. All the while still doing her lift and tucks. With each contraction it was getting more intense. She was moving from ball to bed to pacing. 


Her husband was busy with two of their other children, feeding them and tending to them. He would stop in and check how she was doing. He got her birth pool all set up and ready for her. By the time she had gotten to her 9th lift and tuck, contractions had started to really pick up and get more intense at this point, so she decided to get into the tub. 





Around 3ish, her mama arrived, just in time for her to start feeling more pressure. She continued to labor and work through the contractions. About 3:35ish, her oldest son arrived home from school EARLY. It was so weird because he normally doesn't get home until later but today he got home early. He was super excited as he really wanted to see the placenta. Mama bear started pushing and roaring through and at 3:47, little guy was born. 



I couldn't been happier to have been part of this beautiful birth story.  Mama and Papa did an amazing job. I will end this with their birth video.