Milk Baths

 Milk Bath in Saint Robert, Missouri

Maternity and Infant Milk Baths

Maternity and infant milk baths are super elegant pictures taken while you and/or your infant is taking a milk bath. 

I use a formula that will help with itchy or dry skin. I pick out the flowers for each session, so your session will be different from another. I take special care to keep you comfortable. You are allowed to stay in a bra/top and underwear or you can get naked if you desire. 

These are done in my home where I have a huge 2 person jacuzzi, unless you have a large tub you prefer. After we are done, I leave and let you get all cleaned up. 



Ideal time for maternity sessions starts at 35weeks until delivery.

Infant sessions can occur from newborn until approximately 4-5 months.